We are an independent video game developer founded in San Jose, California, and now headquartered in the medieval city of Rothenburg odT in Germany.
It is our mission to create immersive games that will be played and remembered for many years to come.

Martin Menzel

Design and Programming
Website, Campaigns
Jennifer Menzel

Project Management
Technical Assistance
Kip Ayers

Illustration Art
Dmitriy Totot

Environmental Art

Knights of Frontier Valley: Contributors

Regev Gamliel, Stephen Ramnarine – Character Animations
Rimosound (Hannah Obura) – Original Soundtrack
Kevin Manthei – Additional Music
Krless (J. Vondráček, P. Marek, M. Hrbek, J. Klíma) – Medieval Music
Emil Goska, Ogi Schneider – Environmental Art
Pedro Dutra, Julien Roy – Rapid Minigame Prototyping, Shaders
Michael Johnson – Cutscene Animations
Alan Adelberg, Ryan Menzel – Voice Art